Saturday, 24 November 2012

Display @ Times Square (D@TS 2012)

The 23rd November was the most exciting day for BULAT and it's members as we organized our biggest public display in Times Square Shopping Centre. It was a whole day event with our prep work and setting up happening early at 7 in the morning. BULAT members started to roll in even before any of the shops opened to help out and prepare the displays for the incoming wave of shoppers and visitors. By the late afternoon it was packed with visitors of all ages eagerly looking at the different Lego themes, with the most attraction going to the massive City display.

The themes on display on Friday were:
  • MOC corner
  • Superheroes display
  • Pirates
  • Technic, Mindstorm, Hero Factory, Lego Exclusives
  • Friends
  • Monster Figthers
  • Star Wars
  • Imperial Shuttle Landing Scene
  • City Island

A big thanks and deep gratitude goes out to all those who organized, participated and contributed to making the display a resounding success. We could'nt have done it without you guys and gals and of course an extra special shout-out to Abu Bakar Rajali for taking such beautiful pictures!

Monday, 19 November 2012

First Brunei Usergroup Individual Lego Display (BUILD2012) held by BULAT

The first Brunei Usergroup Individual Lego Display (BUILD 2012) was held recently at the Holiday Lodge Hotel on the 15th November 2012.  Nine BULAT members were invited by the Admin Team to display their Lego.  The event served as a dry run for the public display planned for Times Square (Display at Times Square D@TS 2012) on the 23rd November 2012.

There were eleven displays total:

Cars - NN, ZH, ZB
Pirates - NN, ZH
Classic Space - NN
Monster Fighters - ZH, PC, ZB
Speed Racer / Loki vs Avengers / Star Wars Original Trilogy - AH
Imperial Shuttle Landing - PC
Beach Square - CJ
Countryside - ZB
Winter Village - YH/NR
Propeller planes - NR
City scene & Trains - NN/ZH/ZB/PC

Members of the Brunei press was also invited to the event.  The Admin Team also took the opportunity to present the prize for the recently held logo competition to the winner - Mohamad Effendy.

On behalf of BULAT I would like to congratulate everyone who participated and came to the exhibition on a successful event. By the way props and thanks goes out to Abu Bakar Rajali for the photos.. We've even made it on the newspapers of Brunei Darussalam!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Parts Draft 6913 Blue Roadster (2nd November 2012)

Recently BULAT successfully organized our very first Lego Parts Draft of the Lego Creator Set (6913) Blue Roadster with the participation of several members. The event was held on the 2nd November 2012 and was a success, leading the way to bigger parts drafts in the future. A big thank you goes out to all those who made our first draft a success.