What is a Lego User Group (LUG)?
A LUG is a group of Lego enthusiastist and AFOLs, usually grouped together by location, and sometimes by location and specialist interest (e.g. Trains).

What is an AFOL?
AFOL ani stands for Adult Fan of Lego.  Ada jua TFOL (Teenage) tapi jarangnya diguna.

What is the plural form of Lego?
Lego ani dari bahasa Danmark "Leg godt" (pronounce nya Le'(h)-go).  Lego is uncountable, so the same word is used for the single form or the plural form.  Some suggested plural forms for Lego include "Lego bricks", "Lego sets", "Lego minifigs", "Legomaniacs".

Where can I buy Lego in Brunei?
There are only 5 shops that sells "recent" Lego di Brunei:
1. Toys R Us (Mabohai)
2. Nanyang Photo (KB)
3. Hua Ho Yayasan (BSB)
4. Hua Ho Manggis (Manggis)
5. Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut (Tanjung Bunut)
6. Bebeland Kiulap (Kiulap)

The initials for these are:
1. TRU
2. -
3. HHY
4. HHM
5. HHTB or HHB
6. -

Note that Hua Ho Sengkurong, which is under the same management as HHY/HHM/HHTB, does not sell Lego.  HH Kiulap, HH Delima, HH Gadong and HH Tutong is under a different management than the others and does not currently sell Lego.

Some of the older Department stores (e.g. Millemewah, National Inn, Soon Lee, Hua Ho Kiulap) still have old stock of Lego, but the selection is limited to Duplo sets and Belville characters.
In addition, there are a few specialist toy stores (e.g. Chong Hock Toynation, Half 1/2) that may carry some Lego sets.

How can I track my collection online?
You can create an account on Brickset.com to track your collection online.  After you have created an account, just search for the sets that you have and click on the box to indicate that you have the set.  The site will keep track of the sets for you.

How can I find Bruneians on Brickset?
Login to Brickset.com.  On the main Brickset.com page in the top right hand corner, click the drop down box and select "Members".  Type in "Brunei" in the search box.  On the Brickset users search results page, change "username" in the dropdown box to "location" and search again.  It will give you a list of members from Brunei.  You can also be friends with the people listed in that page by clicking on the box next to their names.

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