Monday, 9 September 2013

Friends Olivia's House Modular

Have you been wondering how I did the Friends modular and I keep on saying how easy it is to modify it yourselves? Well, here's the guide on how to transform the set 3315 Olivia's House into a simple modular with extra bricks you may need to acquire before starting this MOC.

Bricks needed (links directs to list of sets which has them):

  • 3069b - Light Bluish Grey Tile 1x2 (x5)
  • 3069b - Dark Bluish Grey Tile 1x2 (x6)
  • 3068b - Dark Bluish Grey Tile 2x2 (x6)
  • 3857 - Green Baseplate 16x32 (x1)
  • 4740 - White Dish 2x2 Inverted Radar (x1)
  • 3626b - Trans Clear Minifig Head (x1)
  • 2039 - White Lamp Post (x1)
The original set 3315 Olivia's House

Green Baseplate 16x32

The kitchen

Take out all the furnitures

Take off the walls without breaking them

Place it down the green baseplate after 8 studs

The living room

Take off the furnitures

Take off the walls without breaking them

Place it next to the front wall

Should look like this 

Take out 1 of the white plate 1x4 modified with 2 studs and move the other to the middle

Take the lime green 1x2 tile from the playground area

Put it next to the white plate

Do the same on the other side

Aerial view

I placed the kitchen like this without the extra table

I placed the living room furnitures like this

The backyard with the BBQ grill and the kitchen table and chairs

The pavement using the existing bricks (will add more later)

Now lets do the 1st floor

Take out the lime green 1x2 tiles from these places

Place the 2 walls together like so

Take out the 1x4 and 1x6 bricks

Switch them with each other

Now place them so it connects the pink plates together

Now this side should be stable

Take out this white plate again and place the 1x3 white tile in the middle

Place a white 1x2 tile and a lime green 1x2 tile

Take out the white 1x4 plate and place the other to the middle

Place 2 pcs of lime green 1x2 tiles next to it

Use 2pcs of 2x4 plates to make sure the pink plates connect to each other

Now the first floor should be firm and stable

Place the 1st floor on top of the ground floor

Add 2 pieces of 2x2 plates under the roof

Now try placing the roof on top of the 1st floor

Replace with pink tiles and cheese slopes for the chair

Like so

Put the chair back to the rooftop

Now place it on the 1st floor and replace the yellow 1x2 brick with a lime green 1x2 brick

Use 1x1 round plate and place like so

Place 1x4 lime green tiles on top of them bricks

I also did an alternative gate for the backyard

Place the white 1x4 plates on top of it

These are my setup for the pavement with the lamp post, sunflower and the mailbox. The Metallic Silver Grille I took from the BBQ.

Front view

Another close up

I took out one of the Metallic Silver 1x2 Grille and replace with 1x1 round plate

Placed the drumstick on the hollow 1x1 round plate so it will stick

Again front view

Back view

So I hope this guide is helpful enough but if you have any questions and all please don't hesitate to leave a comment. This set is supplied by Toy Santa which retailed for B$139.90 and if you have VIP membership you'll get 10% discount off so it'll cost you B$125.92 which is not bad of a price. Thank you Toy Santa!

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